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Public Announcement to the Academic Community

The Institute of Turkish Studies (ITS) has been advised by Turkish authorities that financial support for its work that has been provided through a trust set up by the Republic of Turkey is ending.

For over thirty years, ITS has been the principal independent supporter and sponsor of Turkish studies in the United States. The research, publishing, and teaching of several generations of scholars, now the leading lights of American academe on matters Turkish and Ottoman, have been supported indeed, made possible by this funding, for which they and ITS as an institution are grateful.

The leaders of ITS look forward to building on that record of independent scholarship and to continuing to support Turkish studies in the United States. They will be seeking to develop new sources of financial support toward those ends.

In the meantime, all outstanding grants and other ITS obligations to American scholars and institutions will be honored.

Further information about the future work of ITS will be provided as it becomes available in coming weeks and months.

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