Grants Program

Instructions to Grantees

Download Instructions to Grantees in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format.

  1. ITS grants are offered in support of the projects described in the award notification letter. If execution of this project cannot be carried out for any reason, or if the project is abandoned or modified, ITS reserves the right to withhold or terminate all or part of this grant.
  2. If the grant is to be postponed beyond the time specified in the application, ITS must be notified in advance. Permission to postpone or interrupt the tenure of award for more than one year will not normally be granted; postponement or interruption for a shorter time may be authorized at ITSís discretion.
  3. Grantees are expected to keep ITS informed of their current mailing addresses while traveling. In order that the Institute may keep its mailing lists up to date, grantees are requested to notify ITS of subsequent changes of permanent address.
  4. The grantees agree to acknowledge the support received from ITS in accordance with the statement described in the award letter.
  5. Grantees must submit at the end of the grant period a financial and narrative report on the work accomplished. Any grantee who fails to submit the report on time will be ineligible for funding from ITS in the future.
  6. Grantees must accept that their personal and/or institutional information, such as name, rank, bio may be shared on the ITS website.
  7. If any of these terms and conditions are not complied with, ITS reserves the right to withhold or terminate all or part of the grant.