Grants Program

Our Accomplishments: ITS Beneficiaries, a Compendium 1983-2017

Recipients: 2019-2020

The Institute of Turkish Studies (ITS) is proud to announce its grantees for academic year 2019-2020. Please join us in congratulating them. ITS has awarded the below grants in six different categories.

Research Grants (ITS-Koç Holding Fellowship in Turkish Studies)
  • Jonathan Lohnes  (Cornell University)
    - "Geographies of Insurgency: State Formation in Late Ottoman and Fascist Colonial Libya, 1911-1931"
  • Alison Terndrup  (Boston University)
    - "The Portrait Campaign of Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II"
Dissertation Writing Grants (Heath Lowry Distinguished Fellowship)
  • A. Julide Etem  (Indiana University)
    - "Mediating US-Turkey Relations: Nonfiction Film and the Networks of Transnational Communication"
  • Daniel Fields  (Princeton University)
    - "Imperial Disintegration, Local Transformations: The End of the Ottoman Order in Giresun: 1908-1923"
  • Matthew Sharp  (University of Pennsylvania)
    - "On Behalf of the Sultan: The Late Ottoman State and the Cultivation of British and American Converts to Islam"
  • Reuben Silverman  (University of California, San Diego)
    - "Little Americans: Economic Integration and Social Polarization in 1950's Turkey"
Dissertation Writing Grants (Heath Lowry Distinguished Fellowship)
  • Micah Hughes  (UNC Chapel Hill)
    - "Religion's Revolution: Philosophy of Religion and Mysticism in the Republic of Turkey"
Conference Grants
  • Roberta Micallef  (American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages Graduate Pre-Conference)
  • Carlos Grenier   (Florida International University
    - "Geopolitics of Orthodoxies: Ottomans, Safavids and the Formation of Modern Sunnism and Shi'ism"
Publication Subvention Grants
  • Nukhet Varlik  (SUNY Binghamton)
    - The Journal of Ottoman and Turkish Studies
Mark Pinson award for Graduate Research on the Ottoman Balkans
  • Fredrick Walter Lorenz  (UCLA)
    - "An Empire of Frontiers: Between Migrant and State in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1856-1914"
Summer Language Study Grants in Turkey for Graduate Students

None awarded.

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