Turkish in the U.S.

Funding Opportunities for Students Learning Turkish

Learning and becoming proficient in a second language is beneficial from many points of view. It increases your employment prospects; makes the individual more culturally aware and diverse and fundamentally allows for a stronger intercultural dialogue between individuals and countries.

In the United States, Turkish is classified as a "critical" language by the Department of State and Least Commonly Taught Language by the Department of Education. As a result many sources of funding are available to study a rich language such as Turkish, the knowledge of which could be instrumental in gaining employment in a variety of government or private sector jobs.

Two of the best sources of funding for learning Turkish are:

Critical Language Scholarship Program (CLS)
The Critical Language Scholarship Program (CLS) is a national program open to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in a university program of study within the United States. Successful applicants are able to study intensive Turkish language within a designated school in Turkey during the summer months.
Foreign Language and Area Study Programs (FLAS)
Foreign Language and Area Study Programs (FLAS) fellowships are administered by National Resource Centers (NRC) housed within U.S. Higher Education Institutions (universities). FLAS fellowships help fund undergraduate and graduate students to study critical languages such as Turkish either as intensive summer language courses in the U.S. or in Turkey and/or throughout the academic year in the U.S.

Students can only apply for FLAS fellowships through existing NRC's on their university campus. For a full downloadable list of FLAS granting NRS, click here.